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What is the solder joint icicles? Impact on the circuit board

What is the solder joint icicles? Impact on the circuit board

Icicles refer to the sharp corner of the solder on the solder joint of the copper foil circuit terminal of the circuit board, and has a obvious icicles. This is called a solder joint icicles.

What are the factors that result in solder joint icicles?

1.It is possible that when the manual welding is performed, the soldering iron tip on the operator’s hand removes too early when the solder is not completely melted and fixed.

2.The welding temperature is too low causing icicles . However, most of the reasons are that the tip is removed too late, the welding time is too long, and the flux is vaporized, that is, the icicles is related to temperature and operation.



What effect does the solder joint icicles have on the circuit board?

In addition to the solder joint appearance of the circuit board is not beautiful, when the solder joint icicles exceeds the allowable length, the insulation distance between the solder joints is reduced, which easily causes bridging connection. In high-frequency, high-voltage circuits, it will cause sparking, need pay special attention.

Solution: The welding time should not be too long. Once the icicles phenomenon occurs, it is necessary only to add the flux and reweld. Pay attention to the angle of the printed circuit board leave the solder level in automatic welding.