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Radiation 4 military circuit board assembly



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Radiation 4 military circuit board assembly
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Radiation 4 military circuit board

Basic information about the product: basic information
Model: XJYPCB-59
Product code: 4P7405A0-PCBA
Solder mask: white
Plate thickness: 2.0mm
Type: rigid board
Pcb board application industry: military
Pcb sheet information: size: 92.71 * 96.52MM four layers of FR4, board thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, green oil white.
Specification model: 30KW_2800_330-1
Unit of measure: 5pcs
Production cycle: 4 days

Delivery Time for PCB board
1) PCB production time: Sample: 3-4 days / mass production: Within 7 days
2) Component purchase: 2 days if all components is available in our domestic market.
3) PCB Assembly: Samples: Whthin 2 days / mass production: Within 5 days
Quotation Requirement:
Following specifications are needed for quotation:
A) Base material:
B) Board thickness:
C) Copper thickness
D) Surface treatment:
E) color of solder mask and silkscreen:
F) Quantity

Other production process descriptions:
Soldering iron temperature 370-390 degrees, penetrating tin 50%, GX1 position patch optocoupler HCNR201-500E/300E temperature coefficient is only 240 degrees, changed to DIP after welding hand soldering
Product transportation and packaging: The white box cotton should be protected around the carton, and it should have the effect of shockproof, anti-collision and anti-fall.

Product Name:Radiation 4 military circuit board assembly

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