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Prototype PCB and PCB assembly for electronics projects



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Prototype PCB and PCB assembly for electronics projects
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Details of pcb electronics:
Supplier: Shenzhen FASPCBA supplier
PCB project requirements: one-stop pcba service, OEM contract work and material service

Request for Quotation:
Gerber file and bom, PCB sample clone required (pcb sample required 1)

pcb manufacturing assembly production process:
Material receipt → IQC → inventory → material to SMT → SMT line loading → solder paste / offset printing → chip installation → reflow → 100% appearance inspection → automated optical inspection (AOI) → SMT QC sampling → DIP → housing assembly → test → packaging → Shipping

pcb service

Product details of pcb:
Substrate: FR4 rigid circuit board
Minimum width / space: 4mil / 4mil
PCB layers: 4 layers
Copper thickness: 1-6OZ
Surface treatment: HASL
Lead-free solder mask: black
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Silkscreen: White
smt points: 5000
DIP Points: 19


Ability to flexibly handle small and large batch PCB production;
FASTPCBA can provide one-stop service from PCB design, manufacturing, assembly, parts search, programming to testing.

Confidentiality and confidentiality agreements
Throughout the process, we protect intellectual property for our customers. Our trained professionals work under strict confidentiality contracts and protect trade secrets.

Product Name:Prototype PCB and PCB assembly for electronics projects

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