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PCB prototype transparent pcb board



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PCB prototype transparent pcb board
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PCB prototype transparent pcb board

Product file information:
Product Classification: PCBA
Product code: 4G2107A0-PCBA
Product Name: ArnergyComDevice
Pcb board application industry: glass luminaire Transparent pcb board
Pcb sheet information: 4 layers of FR4, board thickness 1.6mm, copper thickness 1 oz, green oil white, lead-free spray tin; single piece size 150.5*61MM;
Order Quantity: 50pcs
Inspection method: X-RAY full inspection
Production cycle: 5 days

We offer the following services
* Various material boards
*Professional surface mount and through hole soldering technology
*Electronic test board + pcb prototype board
* Fast delivery, anti-static packaging
* PCB assembly meets UL, CE, FCC, RoHS certification
* RoHS compliant, lead-free process

PCB test procedure
— We perform a variety of quality assurance procedures before shipment. The following are our testing procedures:
* Vision check
* Flying needle test
* Fixture test
·*Impedance test
·*Solder ability detection
*Function test + power-on test
* AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

PCB prototype board delivery time
1) PCB prototype production time: 2-4 days / batch production: 7 days
2) PCB assembly: more than 5 days

Product Name:PCB prototype transparent pcb board

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