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pcb prototype manufacturing factory medical ventilator



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pcb prototype manufacturing factory medical ventilator

Materials:FR-4 or CEM-3, 0.5 to 3oz copper, 3.2mm thickness

Minimum line width and line spacing:: 4mm/4mm

Minimum hole diameter:0.2mm

Max panel size: :480 x 580mm

Surface finishing: HAL, gold plating, alpha level, ENTech

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Prototype production of medical ventilator circuit board, fast delivery, welcome to inquire
Product description:
In this battle against the new coronavirus epidemic, FASTPCBA provides customers with prototypes of medical PCB circuit boards and mass production of circuit boards. This device can convert the standard respiratory mask in the hospital into a positive pressure on the patient ’s lungs to promote Breathing mask. Clinicians can use these masks to shorten the time patients use the ventilator, thereby reducing the supply pressure of the ventilator.

Medical ventilator


* Blank PCB + components + assembly including plastic base
* Custom PCB assembly service
* ODM and OEM service
* One stop service from PCB to PCBA
* Sourcing components for customer
* Original components
* PCBA test service for finished products
* Application: timer control
Please note the following information are for your reference on our manufacturing capability, not for inquiries on quotes
We will offer our best prices if you can send us your own PCB design


Product Name:pcb prototype manufacturing factory medical ventilator

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