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PCB Prototype Environmental Detector



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PCB Prototype Environmental Detector
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Basic information about the product:
PCB Product Classification: PCBA
PCB Product Code: 4C7301A0-PCBA
PCB product name: ENVIROMUX-STHSM (PW5771)
Industrial application of pcb: environmental detector
Order Type: Return Order
Pcb sheet information: four layers of FR4, TG170, board thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, increase 2 PP, impedance control;
Production process: lead-free process
Order Quantity: 8pcs
Production cycle: 2 days

PCB process information:
Smt points: 58
Dip points: 8
Solder paste requirements: Aa3.0/Cu0.5/20-38uM
Welding method: J2 number is firstly soldered with a soldering iron from the silk screen surface and then fixed with four small feet and then soldered with a small tin furnace. The soldering temperature of the small tin furnace is 273-275 degrees, and the welding time is controlled within 5 seconds. More than 50% tin penetration
Tin-passing requirements: the tin-passing degree should reach 50% or more, and the phenomenon of tin-free should not occur during the inspection.
Cleaning method: The washing water can not corrode to the internal contact of the connecting port (the customer pays attention to the cleaning requirements, and does not leave any impurities and fingerprints).
other requirements:
1. The substitute must be confirmed by the customer. Note that RJ45 must be 16.26mm wide. See specifications.
2. Burn, test See file.
3. Packed according to foreign electrostatic bags.
4. First produce 20pcs to confirm to the customer, 1000pcs to be notified.

Product Name:PCB Prototype Environmental Detector

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