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PCB manufacturing circuit board for labeler



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PCB manufacturing circuit board for labeler
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PCB manufacturing circuit board for labeler

Basic information about the product:
Pcb Product Name: ArnergyComDevice
PCB Product Code: 4G2106A0-PCBA
Industrial use of pcb products: labeling machines
Pcb sheet information: four layers of FR4, board thickness 1.6mm, copper thickness 1 oz, green oil white, lead-free spray tin, 121*50MM / two 1PCS each; imposition size: 121 * 110MM / 2 sets
Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Pcba manufacturing process: smt, dip, packaging


Process information for board products:
Welding method:
Hand soldering, molten iron temperature 370-390 degrees, penetrating tin more than 50%. ,
Special requirements for trial production: There is a problem with the information provided by the customer.
1: Check the direction of the polar device before the furnace. 2: x-ray 100% after the furnace check whether the internal components of the shield are skewed and shorted

Type: rigid board
Material: Glass fiber epoxy resin
Copper thickness: 1 ounce
Solder mask type: green
Plate thickness: 1.6mm
Line spacing: 0.15mm
Trademark: FASTPCBA
Source: China

Product Name:PCB manufacturing circuit board for labeler

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