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PCB manufacturer medical products



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PCB manufacturer medical products
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Product file information:
Product Classification: PCBA
Product code: 4C7602A0-PCBA
Circuit board industry application: medical irrigation therapy device
Pcb sheet information: four layers FR4, board thickness 1.6MM, 1OZ, HASL Lead free, green oil white, single piece size 175*9.5MM; minimum hole 0.15MM
Unit of measure: 30pcs
Pcb production cycle: 3 days

Process description of circuit board products:
Production process: lead-free process
Production process flow: smt+ packaging
Types of components used: chip capacitors, chip resistors, chip diodes, chip transistors, chip ICs, chip fuses, transistors, lcd displays, etc.
Board test requirements: X-ray 100% inspection BGA welding effect
Welding method:
1: The temperature of the soldering iron is controlled between 330 °C and 350C.
2: The mother is to be soldered at a low temperature and the temperature is too high, which will cause the tin to block the hole!
3: The tin point should be full of steam, and there should be no sharpening, less tin, bubble holes and too much tin.


Medical ozone flushing therapy device
The basic functions of the product:
Ozone water flushing; automatic heating; over temperature, owing liquid alarm
Product features: Dual output, two functions can work at the same time, can be treated for two patients;
More environmentally friendly with exhaust gas purification

Product Name:PCB manufacturer medical products

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