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Automotive PCB circuit boards



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Automotive PCB circuit boards

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Automotive PCB circuit boards


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Automotive electronics is the third largest application area for PCBs after computer communication equipment. With the gradual evolution of automobiles from traditional mechanical products to high-tech products with mechatronics intelligent informationization, electronic technology has been widely used in automobiles, both in engine systems and in chassis system information system control system security. Electronic systems are used in system interior systems and the like. Automotive PCBs include control drives, safety displays, communications, and entertainment. One classification is the electronic control part, ABS (anti-lock braking system), car multimedia part and electronic key; the other classification is divided into three parts according to the car powertrain safety and body control system entertainment communication system; One is to control the sensor to control the instrument electronic switch car communication and audiovisual equipment. According to the materials used, it can be divided into ceramic plates, rigid plates, FPC plates, metal heat sinks, and these PCBs are used in different functions of automotive electronics.


After 15 years of development, FASTPCBA Technology Co., Ltd. has become an electronic processing and manufacturing service provider integrating PCB manufacturing, electronic component procurement, SMT manufacturing, and test assembly.we serve many industries such as medical electronics, automotive electronics, power communication, industrial automation and smart home at home and abroad, providing reliable support for the rapid implementation of customer products.pcba assembly supply

pcba assembly supply

Requirements for PCB companies. The PCB technology involved in automotive PCBs is not only a wide variety, but also extremely demanding. PCB companies should make more articles on improving the process level and technical control ability. They must not only do the surface work, but must implement the whole process of Plan Execution Inspection and Correction (PDCA) to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. TATF16949 (The previous period is ISO90001), only in this way! Only to enter the world-class automobile supporting system.
FASTPCBA has passed the TATF16949 quality management system certification for the automotive industry. In the manufacture of automotive pcb circuit boards, we have 14 years of mature experience, and automotive PCBs also have a lot of manufacturing experience.pcba assembly supplypcba assembly supply


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Product Name:Automotive PCB circuit boards

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