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PCB china Embedded Systems



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PCB china Embedded Systems
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Basic information about board production:
Product Classification: PCBA
Product code: 4A3211A1-PCBA
Product Name: DVM214-SB-5.12.1
PCB Board Application Industry: Embedded Systems
Pcb sheet information: 4 layers, Rogers 4003C mixed pressure plate, plate thickness 2.09MM, copper thickness 1OZ, immersion gold, via hole according to file processing, blind buried hole
Order Quantity: 350pcs
Production cycle: 5 days
Order Type: New Order
Project requirements: pcba processing one-stop

PCB process information:
Production process: gold-plated lead-free process
Solder paste requirements: Thousand Island lead-free solder paste SN99ACO. 3CUO. 7
Welding method: insert, post welding, sample manual welding
Pcb inspection requirements: AOI full inspection, focus on sensor components, can not enter the wash water
Reflow soldering setting: reflow soldering temperature is between 246-248 degrees, super 230 °C soldering time control 30-40S

Product Name:PCB china Embedded Systems

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