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PCB assembly OEM service for wireless charger



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PCB assembly OEM service for wireless charger

Minimum Order:1 Pieces

Delivery Details:FOB Range: US$ 1 - US$ 100 per unit (Pieces)

pcb size: :prototype 45 * 55mm

Material:FR-4 or CEM-3

Surface finishing::HAL, gold plating, Alpha Level, ENTech

Production process:: lead-free process

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PCB assembly OEM service for wireless charger
Product description:
The wireless charger adopts the latest wireless charging technology. By using the alternating magnetic field generated between the coils to transmit electric energy, the inductive coupling technology will become the bridge between the charging base station and the equipment.
wireless charger - fastpcba

Product Details
Key Specifications/Special Features: PCBA Manufacturing for OEM, EMS service

PCB assembly with testing
Circuit boards with 1 to 22 layers PCB layout, modification, fabrication, plastics, metal box building, final assembly and testing
Conventional coating for preventing humidity
Consigned brand active and passive components sourcing is directly from original manufacturer and agent by our overseas purchase
Experienced technical staff approves passive components, connector, IC, diode and transistor replacement
High precision 0201, 0402.0603, fine pitch QFP, BGA, bonding size components SMT technology and lead free RoHS technology
Related certificate – UL, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and meet RoHS standard and more.
Our building products experience range: home appliance, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, medical, computing, storage, instrumentation, traffic, industrial power, battery, fire alarm, CCTV, wireless communication, telecommunication, networking, printer and more.



Product Name:PCB assembly OEM service for wireless charger

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