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Oem pcb prototype china online



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Oem pcb prototype china online
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Oem pcb prototype china online

Basic information about the product:
Product classification: PCBA
PCB code: 2K1003A0-PCBA
Pcb board name: BOARD ID 0251 V1.03 AzRy
Board Usage: Cashless payment machine
Pcb sheet information: plate thickness 1.6mm, FR4, 2oz., green oil white word; lead-free tin-spraying process
Order Type: New Order
Quantity: 5000pcs
Production cycle: 10 days

Manufacturing parameters:

Article Description Capability
 Product name professional OEM PCB Assembly with high quality
Sercive PCB   board and pcb assembly,Component procurement  with one-stop service
Material Laminate materials  

FR4, high TG FR4, high frequency, alum, FPC

Board cutting Number of layers 1-28
Min.thickness for inner layers

(Cu thickness are excluded)

Board thickness Standard (0.2-6mm±10%)
Min. Single/Double:0.008±0.004”
Bow and twist ﹤7/1000
Copper weight Outer Cu weight 0.5-4    0z
Inner Cu weight 0.5-3   0z
Drilling Min size 0.0078”(0.2mm)
Drill deviation ±0.002″(0.05mm)
PTH  hole  tolerance ±0.002″(0.005mm)
NPTH  hole  tolerance ±0.002″(0.005mm)
Solder mask Color Green,white,black,red,blue,yellow…
Min solder mask clearanace 0.003″(0.07mm)
Thickness (0.012*0.017mm)
Silkscreen Color white,black,yellow,blue,yellow…
Min size 0.005″(0.15mm)
E-test Function Test 100% Functional test
PCBA Testing IQC incoming material inspection, SPI tin paste testing, online AOI testing, SMT first piece inspection, IPQC product inspection, off-line AOI testing, x-ray-welding testing, QC manual inspection, QA shipment inspection
Pcb assembly oem one-stop service electronic manufacxturer service
Component sourcing Yes
Certificate IATF16949,ISO9001,UL
Delivery time: PCB 4-12days
PCBA 8-20days
Tolerance of pcb ±5%
Max size of finish board 450*480mm
MOQ NO MOQ (1pcs)
Surface Finish HASL,ENIG,immersion silver,immersion tin,OSP…
PCB outline Square,circle,irregular(with jigs)
Sub-assembly Plastic,metal,screen

Product process description:
Production process: lead-free process
Project requirements: pcba one stop
Process flow: smt+dip+package+test+three anti-paint+aging
SMT points: 514
Dip points: 152
Steel mesh: laser steel mesh, used 30,000 times
Solder paste requirements: Ag0.3/Cu0.7/20-38uM
A / B surface: 1 first produce BOTTOM surface, if there are heavy components, it is necessary to evaluate the production of the second side of the furnace will be off the components, if it will be dropped, you need to pre-point red plastic.
Other requirements: 1. U13 PCB board line drawing on the board
2. The two pins of the SOK1 bit-sliced card holder are to be tinned from the opposite side as shown in the drawing.


Product Name:Oem pcb prototype china online

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