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Multilayer PCB assembly FPC pcb



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Multilayer PCB assembly FPC pcb

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Description of products:This product is a semi-finished product for a customer of our company. The picture is for reference only. The technical parameters are subject to the actual GERBER file!

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Multilayer PCB assembly FPC pcb
Basic information about the product:
Product Classification: PCBA
Product code: 2L7210A0-PCBA
Board Usage: Test Tools
Pcb sheet information:
Double-sided soft board, board thickness 0.15MM, immersion gold, reinforcement according to customer requirements
Order Quantity: 50pcs
Production cycle: 3 days
Circuit board process flow: PCB

Product process description:
PCB project requirements: pure pcb production
Pcb furnace experiment: all self-purchased plastic molded patch materials must be reflow soldering test
Welding method: pure patch hand soldering, J1 surface first paste, soft board / reinforcing board, use patch fixture.
Patch fixture: special patch fixture patch
Reflow soldering temperature setting: reflow soldering temperature is 240-243 degrees. Because it is a soft board/reinforcing board, the first time production will inform the relevant product engineering site inspection i the best furnace temperature parameters
Product packaging for printed circuit boards:
As it is a soft board/reinforcing board, the first package will inform the relevant product engineering on-site confirmation.


Product Name:Multilayer PCB assembly FPC pcb

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