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Led light pcb of operating room display screen



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Led light pcb of operating room display screen

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Description of products:This product is a semi-finished product for a customer of our company. The picture is for reference only. The technical parameters are subject to the actual GERBER file!

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Basic information about the product:
Product Classification: PCBA
Product Name: BOARD ID 0253 V1.08 AzRy. GeMe.
Circuit board use: surgical light
Pcb sheet information: double sided FR4, board thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, green oil white, finished single piece size 135.5*200MM
Order Quantity: 500pcs
Production cycle: 5 days

Product production information:
Circuit board project requirements: pcba one-stop
Process flow: smt+dip+ packaging
Smt points: 300
Dip points: 10
Other requirements: the copper skin in the small area where the components are placed needs to be tinned, open steel mesh
Material baking requirements: follow the “SMT parts baking operation guide”
Other welding requirements: 1. Firstly produce BOTTOM surface, that is, T10 number surface. It is necessary to evaluate whether the lower part of the heavy component will be dropped when the second side is produced, and carry out the corresponding pre-pointing red glue operation (be careful not to cause secondary defects). For the mounting direction of the two modules, please refer to the attached figure. The U3 tag module is also shown with reference to the drawing. 3.U7, U8 bit number intermediate pad plus solder paste to ensure good soldering of the IC and the pad, be careful not to cause Short circuit and other secondary defects.
Trial production report: Provide trial production report when it is first put into production.



Product Name:Led light pcb of operating room display screen

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