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Fully automatic packer board control box board pcb model



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Fully automatic packer board control box board pcb model
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Fully automatic packer board control box board pcb model
Product process description:
Production process: lead-free process
Process flow: smt+burning+test+assembly+packaging
Double-sided pcba patch: no DIP, only smt+ burning + test process
General requirements: reflow soldering temperature is between 245-247 degrees, super 230 °C welding time control 40-60s
Tin-passing requirements: 50% penetration
Burning test requirements: Burn three programs Test, burn serial number, for example: serial number 18020016 should correspond to TME number, the serial number and TMEI number corresponding to the entire order should be made into an electronic file and sent to the customer.


Product description
Base material: FR-4 / H-Tg FR-4 / lead-free material / CEM-3, aluminum, Rogers, ceramics
Copper thickness: 1oz-6oz
Plate thickness: 0.2-8.5mm
Minimum spacing: 0.2mm
Surface treatment: HASL, ENIG, immersion silver, immersion tin
Solder mask color: green, red, blue, black, white
Hole position deviation: ±0.05mm (±2mil)
PTH diameter: ±0.076mm (±3mil)
NPTH diameter: ±0.05mm (±2mil)
Minimum S / M spacing: 0.1mm (4mil)

We have a fast delivery PCB / PCBA service with sample orders in just 48 hours and volume production in just 5 to 12 days. Our main export markets are North America, Europe and South Asia.

Our engineering department consists of 20 employees with an average of 20 years of experience, which can help improve gerber data and reduce manufacturing costs based on customer design requirements. Due to our strict requirements, our products comply with CE standards and RoHS directives. Our main materials are imported from Japan and Germany. Our quality is so good that the complaint rate of more than 200 customers is within 0.5%.

Product Name:Fully automatic packer board control box board pcb model

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