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Circuit board manufacturing microcontrol sensor



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Circuit board manufacturing microcontrol sensor
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Basic information about board production:
Product Classification: PCBA
Product code: 4A3236A0-PCBA
Circuit board application: micro-control sensor
Pcb board information: four layers of FR4, TG170, board thickness 2.4MM, copper thickness 1OZ, immersion gold, green oil white words, change the conventional four-layer layer, single piece size 88.6*211.8MM
Order Quantity: 25pcs
Production cycle: 2 days
Order type: smt+dip+package

Pcb process information:
Pcb manufacturing process: surface assembly lead-free process
Circuit board over-boiler experiment: All plastic-molded patch materials must be reflow soldered (except J1, J2, J3)
Solder paste requirements: Ag3.0/Cu0.5/20-38uM
Double-sided patch: first paste the BOT surface (U5)
The patch is changed to hand soldering: J1, J2, J13 materials are not resistant to high temperatures and require manual soldering.
Reflow soldering temperature setting: welding maximum temperature is 245-250 °C, super 230C welding time is controlled 40-60S.
Circuit board cleaning method: The washing water cannot corrode to the internal contacts of the connector.
Pcb product packaging: bubble roll veneer packaging.

Product Name:Circuit board manufacturing microcontrol sensor

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