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4 layer PCB FR4 pcb prototype



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4 layer PCB FR4 pcb prototype
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4 layer PCB FR4 pcb prototype
File information for circuit board products:
Product Classification: PCBA
Product code: 4C7602B0-PCBA
Product Name: L4Y-5050 -r1 V1.1
Circuit board industry use: monitor system
Pcb sheet information: four layers FR4, thickness 0.8MM, 1OZ, HASL Lead free, green oil white, single piece size 175*9.5MM; minimum hole 0.15MM
Order Quantity: 102pcs
Order Type: New Order


Pcb process description information:
Project requirements: pcba one-stop processing
Production process: lead-free process
Smt points: 220
Solder paste requirements: Ag3.0/Cu0.5/20-38uM
Other welding requirements: 1,100mm length wire soldering method: 1 = Blue (blue line) = pad K; 2 = White (white line) = pad D; 3 = Black (black line) = pad P; 4 =Yellow (yellow line)=pad C: 50mm length wire soldering method: Yellow (yellow line)=pad C White (white line)=pad D, and the soldering angle wire is soldered to the board, otherwise it will affect the shell assembly. .
2, U2 position attachment red arrow points to the solder joints need to add tin and short circuit treatment;
3 This model is used for the splitting operation on the DIP welding front line to avoid affecting the splitting operation after welding the wire. (The splitting machine is used when the board is divided. Be careful not to plug in the electric work, it is easy to scrap the PCBA, and the sub-board is required to be manually divided. If you have any questions, please submit them in time);



Product Name:4 layer PCB FR4 pcb prototype

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