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Printing machine safety operation procedures and equipment maintenance

Printing machine safety operation procedures and equipment maintenance

Operators of automatic printing machine must be professionally trained and certified to work. You should be familiar with the usage instructions. For personal and equipment safety, you should establish a safe operating procedure and equipment maintenance system for the printing machine, and operate and maintain the equipment in strict accordance with its regulations.

1.Non-operators are not allowed to use PCB manufacturing printing machine

2.Strictly implement the printing machine safety technical operation procedures

3.The power supply voltage of the printing machine is 220v, so you must check and ensure that the machine casing is well grounded before operating the equipment to prevent electric shock.

4.UPS will open later, first off.

5.Press the emergency button immediately in case of emergency.

6.When opening the print hood, the cam safety switch should be pulled out to cut off the power and prevent personal injury.

7.When two people operate, they should be well cooperate to avoid personal injury and equipment damage.

8.Do not place your hand under the scraper after the safety scraper.

9.When placing the thimble, make the PCB evenly stressed, and the pcb surface is slightly higher than the highest plane of the workbench.

10.Ensure that the gap between the PCB and the stencil is zero, and the height of the pcb surface must not exceed the height of the stencil.

11.The front and back limit distance of the scraper is not less than 40mm. When installing the scraper, check the pressure. The pressure should be set at 3-5kg to avoid rupture of the stencil after pressurization (specific parameters should be determined according to different equipment).

12.The program will return to the main menu when it is turned off, otherwise the program will go wrong the next time it is turned on.

The above is the safe operation procedures and equipment maintenance knowledge of pcb manufacturing printing machine, I hope to help you!