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PCBA products quality improvement’s methods

PCBA products quality improvement’s methods

Pcb has many production procedures, so there are often some defects in the process of printed circuit board production, which futher affects the quality and reliability of the product. The quality of pcb is determined by the following factors: design quality, material quality, on-site management. , craft quality.

Once the above factors cannot be guaranteed, PCBA products will have various quality defects, which can be divided into three categories specifically: component failure, circuit board operation failure, and assembly failure.

So how to improve the quality of pcba circuit board products? The following points may be helpful to you:

1.Reasonable design

Design is the source of pcba production. Once the unreasonable design occurs , the product quality will inevitably have great hidden dangers. Good design can guarantee high yield and stable product performance.

2.Strengthen the management of the workshop site

Production site management embodies important aspects of the company’s craft management level. With the complexity and elaboration of SMT components, 6S site environment, operation management, procedure key control point management, and static electricity have an increasing impact on the quality of SMT products. Therefore, in order to obtain good product quality, on-site management must be strengthened.

3.Control the generation of craft factors

The impact of the SMT craft on the quality of SMT products is considerable. A well-designed and controlled craft will ensure the delivery rate and pass-through rate of SMT products. Therefore, each link should be strictly controlled to ensure the quality of SMT products.

4.Pay attention to the material link

Whether materials are supplied by customers or procured directly by factories , it is necessary to carry out standardized inspection of raw materials to ensure product quality. Because qualified raw materials is the base of qualified products.