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Product test line

Product test line

FASTPCBA has the world’s advanced precision PCB patch machine and testing equipment, providing our customers with a steady stream of high-quality products.
Electrification test: the information such as voltage, waveform and frequency is tested.And these are the conditions that determine whether the circuit is working properly.

Test requirements: test fixtures (multimeter) Functional test: verify each function of the product. Test item by item according to the functional test cases to check whether the product meets the function required by the customer.

Test requirements: the customer provides test steps and functionality to be validated, along with job guidance.

Other tests: PCB plate test/component performance test General test instruments and equipment are available from the factory.For special testing of customers’ products, customers need to provide their own testing instruments and equipment.

Tip: as long as the Gerber file and bom file provided by the customer normal or the product design normal .99.98% of the products are normal, but do not rule out individual functional abnormalities.If the customer requests a test, a test fee will be charged.



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