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FASTPCBA preparation before work resumption

FASTPCBA preparation before work resumption

As the most professional PCBA OEM giant in China, FASTPCBA is famous for OEM automotive and medical industry equipment PCB. In this special node of the outbreak of the new crown virus in late 2019, in order to respond to the national first-level commitment and ensure the personal safety of employees, it is now decided to adopt home office and start all preparations before work. The following is the fastpcba’s work arrangement before returning to work:

1.Know about and confirm the official work time of all materials (components, solder paste, used equipment, consumables) of our suppliers

2.Organize the PCB and PCBA manufacturing orders that were not placed on the system

3.Contact the PCB and component suppliers to confirm the delivery time of all orders that were not delivered before last year.

4.Check the shipment data of all pcba products before last year, and urge customers to ship the relevant pcba products without prior clearance.

5.Reception of new inquiry and information verification quote

6.Preparation of pcba product order on-line

7.Sort out the list of BOMs that have not been quoted before and arrange the new BOM quotes and send out for inquiry

Processing open orders

FASTPCBA preparation before work resumption


The above is the work preparation of fastpcba company before returning to work.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control work has entered a critical period, and the country has built up a firm conviction that it is determined to win.

All the staff of FASTPCBA Company pays tribute to the medical staff who are struggling to stop the epidemic. Fighting together to overcome epidemic.