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The role of “ERP” in the PCBA factory

The role of “ERP” in the PCBA factory

FASTPCBA is one of the leading full-service companies in the PCBA manufacturing industry. We have been using ERP system management for more than a year. Let’s talk about how our efficiency has been improved after using ERP system management.

What is “ERP”?

“ERP” is an integrated platform that assists in managing sales and quotations, material inventory management, order traceability, document management, quality control and financial accounting. It will be crucial to help the development of pcba company.

We work closely with our customers to provide high quality pcb products at the same time reducing customer costs through our craft efficiencies, said Xinhua Luo, president of the FASTPCBA plant. The entry of the “ERP” system will definitely help us bring more savings and high quality products to our customers and partners. Indeed, the “ERP” system is not only simplify  cumbersome using process, but also when customers check their own order schedule, the production link of the order can be seen at a glance, and the professional engineers give the solution and feedback results if there is he problems generated by the order in the production process.



Della Zhang, CEO of FASTPCBA, added: The management team of FASTPCBA was previously driven by a forward-looking technology strategy, since the use of ERP cloud systems. The pass rate of the product is almost 100%. “ERP” has a powerful platform that can grow further in the PCBA space. We are very happy to be their customers.

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