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PCBA: What are the differences between Bluetooth e-cigarettes and traditional e-cigarettes?

PCBA: What are the differences between Bluetooth e-cigarettes and traditional e-cigarettes?


PCBA: What are the differences between Bluetooth e-cigarettes and traditional e-cigarettes?

With people’s attention to healthy life and the strengthening of anti-smoking measures in various countries, the growth of traditional cigarette market is sluggish.  At present, the e-cigarette market, which is mainly consumed by young people, is on the rise.  According to statistics, the output of e-cigarettes in China reached 1.205 billion in 2016, and about 1.6 billion in 2017. It is expected that the output of e-cigarettes in 2018 is expected to break 2.2 billion, with huge market space.  


An e-cigarette is an electronic device that mimics a traditional cigarette and consists of a battery (cigarette rod), a nebulizer (cigarette cartridge) and a cigarette holder.  Its working principle is that the host is responsible for power supply, and the atomizing core heats up. When people breathe in, the smoke oil and air pass through the atomizing core and become smoke to be sucked into the mouth.  


The biggest difference between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that they do not burn, do not have tar, heavy metals and other toxic substances, and do not produce second-hand smoke.  Its main role is to replace the traditional cigarette, while helping to quit smoking.  Combined with the proportion of e-cigarettes in the entire cigarette market, the future development of e-cigarettes is still huge.  

The difference between a Bluetooth smart e-cigarette and a traditional e-cigarette is that it is connected to a mobile phone using bluetooth. Users can download an app to track their smoking behavior and gain a better understanding of their smoking habits.  Compared with traditional e-cigarettes, Bluetooth e-cigarettes are based on the cooperation between the bluetooth PCBA board inside the e-cigarette and the APP on the mobile phone, which can achieve smoke control, smoking cessation plan, cloud health management and other functions.  


Bluetooth electronic cigarette to achieve the function  

1. Smoking history memory function.  APP always records the time of smoking, reflecting personal smoking habits;  

2. Smoke volume control function.  The amount of smart e-cigarette smoke can be set according to your personal smoking preference;  

3. Function of healthy smoking/smoking cessation plan.  Make a smoking plan and set the number of smoking times per day to achieve planned smoking and regular smoking cessation;  

4. Electronic cigarette power display and management function.  The mobile phone APP queries the electric quantity of e-cigarette, sets charging reminder, and estimates the remaining life by obtaining charging times;  

5. Secret protection function.  Set connection password and query password to protect personal privacy;  

6. Cloud health management.  Upload personal smoking records to the cloud server to get health management advice.  


Bluetooth e-cigarettes offer advantages that traditional cigarettes do not, making them the best alternative to smoking/quitting in the new era, both from a health and economic perspective.  With the introduction of national laws, more and more cities have joined the ranks of smoking ban, e-cigarettes in the domestic market has been rapid development, a good situation, provincial e-cigarette agents and e-cigarette wholesalers sales are rising every year 

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