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FASTPCBA’s anti-static management

FASTPCBA’s anti-static management

For the PCBA assembly electronics production workshop, how do our staff do anti-static management to avoid static damage during the production process and improve the quality of electronic products. FASTPCBA introduces the following anti-static requirements.

1.Static safety workbench: It consists of a workbench, an anti-static table mat, a wrist strap connector and a grounding wire.

2.There should be more than two wristband connectors on the anti-static table mat, one for the operator and one for the technician or inspector.

3.It is not allowed to stack plastic boxes, rubber, cardboard, glass and other debris that are easy to generate static electricity on the static safety workbench. The drawings and materials should be placed in the anti-static file bag.

4.Anti-static wrist strap. Persons who are in direct contact with electrostatically sensitive components must wear an antistatic wrist strap that is in good contact with human skin.



5.Anti-static containers. The components of the production site, the material bag, the turnover box, the PCB loading and unloading frame, etc. shall have electrostatic protection. Metal and ordinary containers are not allowed, and all containers must be grounded.

6.Anti-static overalls. Personnel entering the electrostatic working area and those who are in contact with SMD components must wear anti-static overalls, especially in dry environments where the relative humidity is less than 50% (such as winter). Workwear fabrics should comply with relevant national standards.

7.Personnel entering the work area must wear anti-static work shoes, and those wearing ordinary shoes should use conductive shoe bundles, anti-static shoe covers or heel straps.

8.The conveyor belt and transmission shaft used in the production line shall be equipped with anti-static grounding brushes and poles.

9.An ion wind static eliminator can be used for the surface of the conveyor belt.

10.Assembly fixtures, test fixtures, welding tools and various instruments used in production sites should be provided with good grounding wires.

11. An anti-static test bench should be installed at the entrance of the production site. Everyone entering the production site should carry out anti-static test. After passing the test, they can enter the site.