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What is the design process of PCB schematic diagram?

What is the design process of PCB schematic diagram?

PCB schematic diagram design is more complex, the general design process can be designed according to the following design process.

(1) create a new schematic diagram file in the project file.

(2) set up PCB schematic drawings and relevant information.Schematic drawing is the working platform for schematic drawing. All the work is done on the drawing. Selecting the right schematic drawing for the schematic drawing and setting it up reasonably will make the design more beautiful.

(3) load component symbols, so you need to import all the required components symbols before designing, the use of component library in Protel 2004 symbols to manage all elements, so you need to load the element symbol library, If Protel 2004 does not have the components required by the drawn example drawings, it is necessary to establish the symbol library by yourself and load the symbol library drawn by yourself.

(4) place component symbol.component symbols will be placed on the schematic drawings in accordance with the design principle, in the process of component placed another important job is to set the component properties, especially the label and package attribute of the element, the attributes will be used as part of the network statements import to PCB design, if there is no label or packaging will not be able to complete the design of the PCB.


PCB schematic diagram


(5) adjust the layout of components in the schematic diagram, as the components are not placed in place at one time in the process of placing the components, which may cause great inconvenience to the wiring if the components are placed improperly. Therefore, the layout of the components needs to be adjusted to facilitate the connection of the wires and make the layout of the schematic diagram beautiful.

(6) connect the schematic diagram.The main purpose of this step is to establish the electrical connection components, can used wire and bus in the process of establishing a connection, you can also use the network label, when across the principle diagram of electrical connections will use port, this step is the network information will be used as part of the network statements import to PCB design, after completing the attachment job, schematic design of the main work is done, all the information is complete, PCB design need at this time the network can generate reports and prepare PCB design.

(7) check schematic diagram errors and modify them.After the completion of PCB schematic diagram drawing, Protel 2004 introduced automatic ERC detection function to help designers check the schematic diagram.

(8) annotate the schematic diagram.

(9) save and print the output principle.

The above flow is prepared for single-sheet schematic drawing, which will be more complex in hierarchical schematic design flow, but the individual schematic diagram drawing in the hierarchical schematic diagram will still roughly follow this process.