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FASTPCBA manufacturing pre-production preparation process

FASTPCBA manufacturing pre-production preparation process

In the PCB manufacturing and printing factory, how do the production workshop technicians prepare for the pre-production of pcb manufacturing? Standardize the manufacturing and production process of circuit board products, ensure the smooth development of the pre-production preparation workflow, and pass the SMT/DIP/test/assembly process through the specification; make the pre-production preparation work to make it fully effective and ensure the completion on time.Here FASTPCBA technical engineers share the production workflow content as below.

1. Arrange 4 hours in advance according to the planned order: steel mesh, fixture audit; data, procedures, materials special requirements sample follow-up, completion.
2.After the SMT production, the test order is required, and the first-piece finished product of the finished product test is scheduled to be completed on the same day.
3.Give a temporary operation plan 1 hour before the test for poorly tested and dysfunctional products, and give specific operational measures for production within one day.

1. According to the planned order, the materials will be taken and prepared 4 hours in advance by group leader.
2. The technician confirms the steel mesh, fixture, and data (procedure)completed 3 hours before the transfer.
3. On-line production of the tail plate is less material, the technical staff is responsible for docking the material staff, and the department heads follow up to complete the feeding within half an hour.
4 Inspected 5PCS after inspection of the furnace, if the failure is more than 5% report to the technician who responsible for analyzing and processing.

1.Arrange assistant-leader 4 hours in advance according to the plan , make the first piece,then quality department and engineering make confirmation.
2.Group leader confirm the auxiliary materials 4 hours in advance: over-cylinder fixtures, welding fixtures, tools, or guest fixtures.
3. The prenatal meeting (each product), the process, quality explanation is completed within 3-5 minutes by group leader.
4.Defective test up to 5% of the production staff reported the group leader, the supervisor; at the same time engineering intervention analysis, to reply to the specific program, production execution quality supervision completed within one hour.

1. SMT first piece IPQC fabrication with line system; DIP, IPQC confirm the first piece inspection, assist production to complete 2 hours in advance.
2. Testing and assembly: Production and engineering are based on planned orders, quality is given 4 hours in advance, IPQC first piece is confirmed, and production is completed within 2 hours before going online.
3. Current process: all need to test and burn products
New order → SMT → engineering trial first sample → DIP → test → assembly
Reorder → SMT → DIP (first production trial) → test → assembly

New process
1.Reorder to production and follow-up burning and testing
Reorder → SMT → AOI → DIP (first production trial) → test → assembly
2. After ordering the SMT mounting, all the DIP first materials are prepared and prepared at the same the day; the welding, testing and assembly engineering are the lead arrangements.
New order → SMT → AOI → first trial of engineering trial → DIP → test → assembly
Remarks: After the A/B line order product is produced, the AOI follows the line to inspect.