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How is the PCBA board turnover is the safest?

How is the PCBA board turnover is the safest?

When most pcb manufacturers carry out PCB welding board turnover in the workshop, due to the heavier pcb board, when the components are soldered by hand, the improper movement operation will cause the components on the PCB board to fall off and the probability of collision will be very high.

So how to turnover the PCBA board is the safest, the following is the advice given by FASTPCBA, I hope to help you.


Antistatic foam tray


Use an anti-static foam tray for turnaround, not only to relax the design, but also to prevent components from being knocked out.

For PCB boards with lighter components and different height differences,  foam cushion can be used, so that when the PCB board is pulled, the components do not slide directly on the table and can be prevented from being knocked off.

For pcb boards with heavier components and high component heights difference, it is necessary to use the tooling pads for the back side welding.