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Green technology of lead-free PCB for environmental protection development

Green technology of lead-free PCB for environmental protection development

As the development of science and technology in the current era becomes more and more advanced, the impact on the environment also becomes heavier with time. People’s environmental awareness is gradually increasing, and the progress of human civilization also needs to coexist with nature in order to develop in the long run. The protection of the natural environment has received more and more attention from various countries. Reducing industrial pollution to the environment is also an important issue that industries are directly facing, and it has also received more and more attention from people.


production process of PCB assembly


PCB printing is also called surface mount technology production as an important part of the production of electronic products. Due to the numerous material elements manufactured by PCB, it is not difficult to avoid the problem of environmental pollution. Well, with regard to the health and safety issues of the epidemic, the environmental awareness of green safety has been taken seriously. Now there are many developed countries and some scientific research institutions are carrying out relevant research to find new processes and non-polluting materials to solve some problems and methods of PCB manufacturing and production pollution, let SMT, PCBA processing and production go green and contribute to our planet. green.

In the existing production process of PCB assembly, the most commonly used is tin-lead solder, and the lead content of heavy metals accounts for about 40% of the solder paste. As a toxic heavy metal, lead is generally recognized by everyone. If lead is not managed and scattered into the environment, it will cause considerable pollution to the human body and the surrounding environment. In order to eliminate the pollution of lead to the environment, the use of lead-free technology is imperative. The lead-free process was first proposed by the United States in the early 1990s. At present, the lead-free process is already the basic requirement of most regular manufacturers. It is excluded that some small black factories will also use inferior solder paste for processing. I also hope that customers will choose regular manufacturers for PCB processing when choosing a PCB manufacturer. One is to guarantee the quality, and the other is that the green technology also contributes to the environment.



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