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The main purpose of PCB component cleaning

The main purpose of PCB component cleaning

The production and storage of PCB, the production, storage and transportation of components and the assembly process of various pollutants will have a great impact on the quality and reliability of printed circuit board components, or even cause circuit failure, shorten the service life of products.Therefore, PCB components must be cleaned after welding.

PCB component cleaning

Then, the FASTPCBA analysis of the main purpose of PCB component cleaning is as follows:

(1) to prevent the occurrence of SMA short circuit and other faults caused by the corrosion of components and printed wires caused by pollutants, and improve the performance and reliability of components.

(2) avoid the generation of electrical defects, such as leakage, caused by substances such as ionic pollutants attached to PCB.

(3) to ensure the electrical test of the components can be carried out smoothly, a large number of residues will make the test probe cannot form a good contact with the solder joint, so that the test results are not accurate.

The above is to prevent the circuit board component failure caused by cleaning problems.I hope it helps.For more information, pay attention to FASTPCBA.