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Why there is white spot in PCB plate?

Why there is white spot in PCB plate?

In the process of making PCB circuit boards, white spots or whiteboards are often encountered in PCB printed circuit boards. These white spots or white spots are mainly caused by the influence of external environment factors such as temperature and humidity on PCB boards.These problems will affect the PCB material to a certain extent, which will cause great trouble to the use of PCB board, so this problem must be solved before copying the board.Below are the specific reasons and solutions for white spots or white spots in PCB boards.

PCB circuit boards

PCB circuit boards

When PCB board is affected by external environment, it may appear white spot or white spot, which causes great trouble to many PCB board users. Then what is the cause and how should it be solved?

There are three main reasons for this situation:

The improper thermal stress on the plate will also cause white spots and white spots.

Results: the local resin and glass fiber are separated into white spots due to the improper impact of mechanical external forces on the resin plate.

As a result of the infiltration of yyao fluoride in the local wrench material, the etching of the glass fiber fabric fabric fabric fabric point is formed in a regular white spot (square in the more severe cases).

In this case, technological measures can be taken to solve the problem:

In particular, the hot air leveling, infrared hot melt, such as control failure, will cause the thermal stress of the action will lead to defects in the substrate.

Measures shall be taken to minimize or reduce the vibration phenomenon caused by excessive machining so as to reduce the effect of external mechanical forces.

In particular, when detinning lead alloy plating, it is easy to occur between the gold-plated plug and the plug.