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PCB board supply chain management.

PCB board supply chain management.

PCB circuit board supply chain management is actually production material management, that is, from materials and component manufacturers to distributors, to terminal products pcb manufacturers, strengthen management of the entire supply chain. Stablizing raw material supply and quality are the basis for ensuring the long-term stability of pcb manufacturing quality.

Lead-free pcb manufacturing production material management is more stringent than lead. Enterprises must carefully consider the management of physical flows from the procurement of components and other materials, lead-free components, PCB, technics materials identification, storage, online control, and until the lead-free products are shipped out.

PCB board supply chain management mainly controls the following:

1.Strengthen the management of upstream suppliers;

2.Procurement control (evaluation and certification of components, PCBs, and process materials, if permitted and necessary);

3.Preparation of materials;

4.Component number and identification;

5.pcb manufacturing material management automation;

6.Production line setup verification;

7.Traceability and BOM of materials;

8.Training on the storage of components, PCBs, and technics materials.

9.Training all the people involved in pcb manufacturing.