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Common problems and solutions in PCB manufacturing

Common problems and solutions in PCB manufacturing

The design and manufacture of Pcb assembly is a complex work, which involves many key points of knowledge, and some process requirements are also very high. If you pay little attention to the design and manufacture process, problems will occur, which will affect the quality and performance of Pcb.In this regard, the FASTPCBA technician introduced common problems and solutions of Pcb assembly:

1. Short circuit of Pcb assembly circuit board:

The short circuit of Pcb assembly is one of the common faults that cause the Pcb board to be unable to work, and the biggest cause of this problem is the improper pad design.Solution: you can change the circular pad to oval, increase the distance between the point and the point, prevent short circuit.

The improper design of the part direction of the PCB board can also cause short circuit of the board and make it unable to work.If SOIC’s foot is parallel to the tin wave, it is likely to cause a short circuit accident.Solution: the parts can be properly modified, so it is easy to cause short circuit. The solder should be left over 2mm from the line.

Pcb assembly circuit board

Pcb assembly circuit board

In addition, there are also some reasons that can lead to the short circuit fault of PCB boards, such as too big hole of substrate, too low temperature of tin furnace, poor solderability of plate surface, failure of solder mask and plate surface pollution, etc., which are common fault causes.The engineer can compare the above reasons and the failure situation to eliminate and check one by one.

Dark and granular contacts appear on the Pcb assembly circuit board

The problem of dark or granular contact on the Pcb assembly circuit board is mostly due to solder contamination and excessive oxides mixed into solder. The solder joint structure is too brittle and should not be confused with dark solder with low tin content.

Another reason is that the solder used in the processing and manufacturing process of PCB board changes its composition and contains too many impurities.Physical changes of stained glass fiber lamination, such as separation between layers, but this situation is not a bad solder spot. The reason is that the base plate is too hot and needs to reduce preheating and solder temperature or the speed of adding the base plate without judgment.

The solder spot of Pcb assembly becomes golden

Generally, the solder of PCB plate is silver-gray, but occasionally there are golden solder spots.The main cause of this problem is that the temperature is too high and only the temperature of the tin furnace can be lowered.

The above content is about the common problems and solutions of Pcb assembly. FASTPCBA hopes to help you.The design and manufacture of Pcb assembly circuit board is a simple and tedious work. Some problems are inevitable. The production staff needs to know the reasons for the problems and the solutions to avoid Pcb scrap.