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What are the requirements of FASTPCBA for the production environment of PCB assembly workshop?

What are the requirements of FASTPCBA for the production environment of PCB assembly workshop?

SMT is short for Surface Mount Technology, or SMT.Is currently the most popular electronic assembly industry in a technology and process.

It is a technique of using Printed Ciruit Board (PCB) or other substrates to fabricate components by using Printed Ciruit Board (SMC/SMD) or Printed substrates by using reflow welding or dip welding.

There are a lot of first-time use of PCB assembly equipment, and the requirements for the working environment of PCB assembly production equipment are not very well understood. Therefore, Shenzhen Zhichi Technology has collected some environmental requirements for your reference. First of all, it is told that the PCB assembly production equipment is high. Accurate mechatronics equipment, equipment and process materials have certain requirements on the cleanliness, humidity and temperature of the environment. In order to ensure the normal operation and assembly quality of the equipment, the following requirements are imposed on the working environment:

1, workshop

The bearing capacity, vibration and noise of the workshop require that the bearing capacity of the floor of the workshop should be greater than 8KN/m2. Vibration should be controlled within 70dB, and the maximum noise should not exceed 80dB within 70dBA.

2, power supply

It is generally required that single-phase AC220 (220 + 10%, 0/60 Hz) and three-phase AC380 (380 + 10%, 50/60 Hz) be used. The power of the power supply should be more than twice the power consumption.

3. Gas source

According to the requirement of the equipment, the pressure of the gas source can be allocated. The gas source of the factory can be used, and the oil-free compressed air machine can also be allocated separately. The general pressure is more than 7kg/cm2. Clean and dry clean air is required, so compressed air needs to be degreased, dedusted and dewatered. Use stainless steel or pressure-resistant plastic pipes as air pipes.

4. Exhaust air

Exhaust fans are required for reflow and wave soldering equipment. For full hot stove, the minimum flow rate of exhaust duct is 500 cubic feet/min (14.15 m3/min).

5. Lighting

The ideal illumination in the workshop is 800-1200 LUX, at least not less than 300 LUX. When the illumination is low, local lighting should be installed in working areas such as inspection, repairing and measurement.

6. Working environment

Keep the plant clean and sanitary, dust-free, non-corrosive gas. The cleanliness of production workshop should be controlled at the level of 500,000.

The optimum ambient temperature of the workshop is 23 +3 (?) C, which is generally 17-28 (?) C and the relative humidity is 45%-70% RH. A suitable temperature and humidity meter is set up according to the size of the workshop, which can be monitored regularly and equipped with facilities for adjusting temperature and humidity.