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The outbreak of medical robots has arrived

The outbreak of medical robots has arrived

Medical robots refer to the role of intelligent devices to replace some people. For example, surgical robots, rehabilitation robots, etc. Medical robots are essentially intelligent devices, but they can independently operate some plans through programs compiled by engineering personnel. For some specific situations, it can assist medical personnel to perform some operations.

Especially in this special case this year, the role of medical robots is gradually accepted by more people. Disinfection in high-risk environments during the epidemic, especially in areas with high risk of aerosol infection, the risk of infection is very high. However, disinfection must be carried out, so arrange a disinfection robot with a medical certificate to spray disinfectant, so that the infection of medical staff can be eliminated.

There is also the transfer and care of confirmed personnel. Under special circumstances, for example, severely infected people need to be transferred to hospital or care, because the virus concentration is very high, and the protection on the transfer path is not as good as the fixed point, so there is also the problem of infection by medical staff, then if there is a medical robot , Will also reduce the risk of infection by medical staff.

Medical robots


Based on the above analysis and the support of national policies, medical robots will have a great development advantage.

Some time ago, we had a fastpcba customer who was a medical robotic arm. It can be known that the current technical standards can reach the set procedure after the robotic arm can replace the doctor for surgery on the abdominal cavity, which reduces the workload of medical workers. It is of great help, so the demand for medical robots must show an exponential growth in the future.

According to the national policy documents, we can provide support for our entire medical robot industry, because the country has determined the policy of the medical field as an important people’s livelihood must focus on support and attention, plus fashion itself Strong demand. The future market scale of medical robots is expected to reach tens of billions. And with the technological upgrades and the opening of scenarios in the field of intelligent medical services, medical robots are bound to extend to more regions.




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