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Upgrading of the medical system, domestic medical devices will do much

Upgrading of the medical system, domestic medical devices will do much

In recent years, with the continuous promotion of policies on measures such as graded diagnosis and treatment, volume procurement, and prescription outflows, hospitals below the county level have also moved from general medical equipment to comprehensive medical treatment, plus the grand strategy of rural revitalization, medical infrastructure The improvement is also an indispensable part. With the improvement of living standards and the improvement of basic medical knowledge. The demand for primary care is also growing rapidly. In this environment, both the pharmaceutical and medical device markets are expected to usher in an outbreak. .

According to the announcement by the National Health and Health Commission, the new version of the medical equipment configuration standards for 36,000 township health centers and 35,000 community health service centers nationwide have been clarified. Among them, community health service centers and township hospitals should be equipped with DR, color Doppler ultrasound, automatic biochemical analyzers, blood coagulation analyzers, twelve-lead ECG machines, ECG monitors, remote ECG monitoring instruments, air disinfectors, breathing Machine, ambulatory electrocardiograph, ambulatory blood pressure monitor and other equipment.

In December 2019, the Ministry of Finance and other three departments jointly issued a notice on the budget for subsidy funds (comprehensive reform of public hospitals). 1971 counties, 338 cities, and 703 municipal districts allocated funds of 9.996 billion yuan, and 7.997 billion yuan was issued in advance. Among them, 1971 counties across the country received a total of 5.913 billion yuan for public hospital reform. It is equivalent to the country’s clear support for grassroots public hospitals.

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According to the industry, grassroots hospitals are a large market for domestic medical devices. At present, the market share of high-end imported devices is still relatively large, but the low-end ones have gradually been replaced. For small and medium-sized grass-roots hospitals, since there is no need for scientific research and there is no need to purchase high-end, sophisticated and expensive instruments, the spring of domestic medical devices is coming.

With the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia outbreak this year, the state will pay more attention to the establishment of related departments such as fever clinics, acute and severe diseases, infectious diseases, and respiratory departments at all levels of hospitals. Work is expected to accelerate. These will have a positive effect on domestic substitution. But opportunities and challenges coexist,

At the beginning of 2020, the demand for the domestic medical device market grew significantly, and orders from related companies skyrocketed. In the future, as more favorable policies may continue to advance, some medical device companies also plan to target the grassroots market and actively expand their layout.

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