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Main technical indicators of reflow soldering furnace

Main technical indicators of reflow soldering furnace

Reflow soldering is required for printed circuit boards. The technical specifications of reflow soldering mainly include temperature control accuracy, lateral temperature difference of the conveyor belt, maximum heating temperature, number and length of heating zones, conveyor belt width, and cooling efficiency.

1 Temperature control accuracy: should reach ± 0.1 ~ 0.2 ° C.

2 Lateral temperature difference of the transmission belt: the traditional requirement is ±5 °C or less, and the lead-free soldering requirement is less than ±2 °C.

3 Temperature curve test function: If the device does not have this configuration, it should be purchased the temperature curve collector from others


4 Maximum heating temperature: lead-free solder or metal substrate, should choose 350~400 °C

5 Number and length of heating zone: The longer the length of the heating zone and the more the number of heating zones, the easier it is to adjust and control the temperature curve. The lead-free soldering should be selected more than 7 temperature zones.

6 Conveyor width: should be determined according to the maximum and minimum PCB size.

7 Cooling efficiency: It should be determined according to the complexity and reliability requirements of pcb products. For products with complex and high reliability requirements, high cooling efficiency should be selected.