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Full automatic placement machine pcb welding craft process

Full automatic placement machine pcb welding craft process

The craft process of pcb manufacturing for new orders and return orders is different, so what is the new pcb order placement process?

(1) Preparation of pcb file (gerber file and bomb file) preliminary arrangement

(2) offline programming, the data in the gerber and bom list is programmed into the computer of the placement machine.

(3) Preparation before Pcb assembly (components, pcb, solder paste)

(4) Starting up of all pcb manufacturing equipment

(5) According to the feeder, put the component material tray that needs to be assembled on the Feida to prepare for operation.

(6) Online programming to check whether the data is consistent through online programming.

(7) After the solder paste is printed on the pcb board, proceeding the pcb mounting.

(8) The first-piece test of the Pcb prototype board

(9) There is no problem in detecting the first-piece placement, and bulk mounting is proceed.

(10) After the Pcb is assembled, the board is tested online and offline, and whether the components are placed in the same position.

(11) Reflow soldering

(12) Shutdown

The above is the pcb welding craft flow of the automatic placement machine during the pcb assembly process.