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FASTPCBA reflow soldering instructions

FASTPCBA reflow soldering instructions

It needs to adjust the basic setting of reflow soldering before circuit board soldering enter into reflow soldering.

(1) Over-reflow soldering requires adjustment of the appropriate furnace temperature and card board size for different pcba boards.

(2) The new PCBA product needs to be confirmed by the engineer before pass the furnace.

(3)The furnace operation can be carried out after temperature is constant, , and the indicator light is green to indicate that the temperature is constant.

(4) The PCBA spacing of the furnace should be kept above 30cm, and it should not be too dense.


Start-up procedure for reflow oven

(1) Turn on the main power switch and turn on the reflow oven power switch.

(2) Turn on the PC computer power.

(3) After startup, open the application program.

(4) Select suitable furnace temperature.

(5) Adjust the width of the board track.


After confirming that the indexes are normal and the temperature meets the requirements, the pcb board is placed flatly on the chain or chain belt.

Shutdown steps for reflow soldering:

(1) Wait for the furnace temperature to drop below 200

(2) Close the WINDOWS interface until the computer to shut down

(3) Turn off the power of the reflow furnace

(4) Turn off the power supply main gate

The following precautions should be taken when applying reflow soldering equipment:

1.Wearing anti-electric gloves or anti-static bracelets when touching PCB and temperature and humidity sensitive components.

2.The furnace temperature setting should refer to the “Reflow Furnace Temperature Management Specification” to adjust the appropriate furnace temperature curve.

3.The distance between the pcb boards should be kept above 30CM.4.When placing the circuit board, it should be automatically fed with the chain. Do not push or pull the circuit board .

4.When resetting the temperature, it must be confirmed that there is no board in the furnace.5.Non-engineers or designated users are not allowed to use the equipment privately.

5.If the chain does not rotate during the operation of the machine,you should immediately press the emergency button next to it and notify the engineering personnel.