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FASTPCBA Enterprise News – Tea Party

FASTPCBA Enterprise News – Tea Party

The tea conversation,literal meaning is to chat experience and opinions while drinking tea. Basically, in my cognition, this kind of tea party usually appears in the occasion where the leader cadres ask for opinions and suggestions on some issues. On Saturday afternoon, we suddenly received a notice about openning a tea party. Who can imagine a circuit board pcb manufacturing processing factory can organize a tea party.

With the passing of time by seconds, it’s time for the meeting! Wow into the meeting room. The table is full of food and drinking. Tea party, where are tea? How is it all food, is this a serious tea party? Who can imagine there are still little cute girl in the spoiled with the uncle, and these beautiful ladys who take a photo is always with a scissors hands. It’s certain the meeting was still full of rewards, and everyone was very active and enthusiastic. Everyone has objectively expressed their opinions on some of the problems that they have found in their daily work.

For example, a colleague reflected that as the weather gets colder and colder, because the tooling is a short-sleeved shirt, can we decide whether or not to wear tooling according to our needs, because sometimes it feels cool in the morning. Other colleagues reflected that there was an error between the time of the punching card machine and the clock of the production line. Every time the production line went off work, but the punching card machine still later two minutes, which caused unnecessary trouble to the colleague who should have the meal. Colleagues from relevant departments have also recorded these one by one, and given their own time limit for solution, and asked everyone to supervise.



A cup of tea, fresh and delicious fruit, everyone in this relaxed atmosphere to speak freely, until the end , everyone still don’t want to leave. As a member of the company, the advice and suggestions are the most affectionate love for the company. It has placed great expectations on the development of the company. I wish that FASTPCBA Co., Ltd. is getting stronger and bigger, and can provide customers with better and more efficient PCBA one-stop customization processing services.

Pragmatic and efficient, united and hardworking, as long as you do not forget the initial heart, the spirit of hard work, and work hard, not only will realize our own value, we also have confidence and will certainly build the company better.