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The development of PCBA technology is accompanied by the improvement of detection methods

The development of PCBA technology is accompanied by the improvement of detection methods

Intelligent, compound, integrated and diversified. This is the development trend of robots now and in the future, with variety, functions and intelligence. The most important point is: miniaturization.

Just like the core focus of the Huawei incident, the ultimate root cause is the competition in chip technology. 14nm, 7nm, 5nm, 3nm. This is the trend of chip competition in the field of technology. All electronic components are pursuing “small”, because the smaller and richer functions mean lower energy consumption, product competition, and improved user experience. If an enterprise can integrate many hardware and software in a smaller and smaller container, there is no doubt an absolute display of technology and capabilities. For example: DJI is now playing invincible hands all over the world. And robots with multi-functions and small bodies can also be used in many fields. So robots or smart devices are bound to be “small”. With the breakthrough development of high-tech and new technologies such as micron-type processing technology, micro-sensors, micro-drives, etc., micro-smart devices are changing with each passing day.


Miniature sensor

What is the value of micro intelligence or micro robots?

First of all, from a medical point of view. Because the human body is the most complicated assembly in the world, how can minimizing the damage to the body during the treatment and exerting the maximum therapeutic effect, then miniature medical auxiliary equipment is indispensable. Recently, a medical institution has published a paper on the lancet saying that the micro-robot should be used as a drug delivery vehicle and directly transported to the lesion. In order to ensure the effect and curative effect.

Another point is that many of today’s non-invasive surgery, non-invasive diagnosis and treatment, etc., are full use of micro-medical equipment.


What we can expect is that micro robots will be used in aerospace, military intelligence, weather environment, agriculture and other aspects in the future, so the production of micro robots will also become more and more complicated.

In fact, from the perspective of the PCBA factory, a micro-robot is a circuit board with a high degree of integration. The higher the integration, the smaller and denser the components, and the more difficult it is to repair. Then the requirements for PCBA processing and PCB assembly are also increasing day by day. How to improve product quality is not just an empty talk, but more from technical upgrades and equipment upgrades. The upgrading of technology is the control of details, and it is implemented. Then the equipment is a key starting point.

How to judge the quality of solder joints is not up to standard, inspection equipment is necessary. As an inspection device, 3D X-ray is a kind of inspection device that can be carried out without damaging the sample. The biggest advantage is that its inspection system can perform 3D scanning on the sample detection point of the model and generate a 3D graphic of the point Image analysis and report, it presents the tomographic image, which can be used for quality and engineering to find out the internal structure, or solder joints of PCB manufacturing and assembly, and abnormal quality. For example, it is possible to detect core components such as IC and BGA. Even the wiring connection problems of PCB circuit boards and the abnormal quality of PCBA processed products can be detected without traditional destruction and segmentation.


3D scanning of PCB solder joints


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