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The development direction of the placement machine

The development direction of the placement machine

1.At present, many manufacturers of placement machines adopt various technologies to meet the requirements of narrow pitch and new device placement accuracy, so that the highest mounting accuracy of circuit board assembly is ±0.01~±0.001 27mm. The main measures are as follows.

a.High-resolution linear encoder closed-loop system.

b.Adopt intelligent service system to improve service performance and shorten adjustment time, reduce host load and improve PCB mounting reliability.

c.Improve the machine vision system, adopt high-resolution linear scanning camera, and perform grayscale processing on the image to improve image processing accuracy and further improve the accuracy level of the placement machine.

d.Temperature compensation function is used to reduce the impact of the environment on the placement of ultra-fine pitch ICs.

2.Multi-functional, high-speed


4.Intelligent, intelligent is not only reflected in offline programming and optimization functions, but also in PCB positioning accuracy, placement accuracy, automatic control of Z-axis placement pressure.

5.Mounting head (The mounting head is diversified, and it is developing in a multi-functional and intelligent direction.

6.Nozzle, develop vacuum nozzles for small components, micro components, and mechanical clip nozzles for abnormal shaped components.

7.Feeder, feeder is developed in the direction of simple, intelligent, double belt feeding and electric. In order to accommodate the miniaturization of components, some companies have also developed a 4mm wide tape feeder and developed a vertical wafer feeder (Wafer).

With the diversification of pcb electronic products, the mode of mass production is now being replaced by the platform approach. Recently, some equipment suppliers have introduced intelligent and flexible placement machines.

● Figure 1 shows the latest intelligent SIPLACE DX from Siemens AG, Germany.

● High-speed 20 nozzles collect the placement head. Achieve high speed, but also very suitable for large-scale production of 01005.

● Linear motor technology with full closed loop control.

● Intelligent feeder.

● Easy to operate workstation software. Brand new powerful software system and uninterrupted running tray feeder.

Figure 2 shows the latest AIMEX from Fuji film of Japan. The main features are as follows:

● A wide range of optional units such as placement heads have been added to the NXT.

● It is an all in one placement machine with expandability.

● Because its mounting mechanical shaft can be added, it can flexibly respond to changes in output and product changes