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Cost analysis of printed circuit boards

Cost analysis of printed circuit boards

Cost analysis of printed circuit boards

Cost analysis of printed circuit boards

There will be procurement and sales in every industry. Most technology companies need to know how to calculate the price of printed circuit boards. So let’s talk about the cost accounting method of printed circuit boards.
1. Cost of plates (the cost of different plates is different);

2. Cost of drilling (the number and size of holes affect cost of drilling);

3. Process costs (different technical requirements of boards and the difficulty of making boards, which will also affect the cost of printed circuit boards;

4, artificial hydropower production costs (the cost is to be decided according to the cost control of the mills, as for the components of the cost price, now, components of basic prices to stabilise, as for the material of PCB: influence prices basically has the following reasons:

(1) sheet of printed circuit board: FR – 4, CEM – 3, this is a common double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit board sheet, the price of his will and printed circuit board thickness and the center of the thickness of copper, platinum, and FR – I, CEM 1 which is a common single panel material, the material price is double sided,multilayer vary widely.

(2)The thickness of the printed circuit board is generally 0.4~3.0, but the price of the conventional board is not much different.

(3)The thickness of copper and platinum on the company is usually 1oz, 2oz and 3oz.

(4)Raw material supplier of raw materials, common and commonly used: shengyi/jiantao/guoji, etc.

  1. The price of printed circuit boards with printed circuit boards below 4/4mm shall be calculated separately.
  2. BGA on the surface of the printed circuit board of balance will calculate the price of points according to BGA.
  3. Appearance treatment process of printed circuit board of printed circuit board, common are: spray lead tin (hot air leveling), OSP(environmental protection board), spray pure tin, tin, silver, gold, etc., appearance process is different, price is also different.
  4. The technical specification for PCB is usually IPC2, and some customers require it more (e.g., Japan).FASTPCBA is common: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard, etc. The higher the specification, the higher the price will be.
  5. The material: fr-4 copper thickness: 1OZ pore size: 0.1mm process: each PCB made by the printed PCB with tin spray is customized by OEM according to the customer’s requirements.Therefore, the price of PCB board needs cost accounting first, in addition, the cost of automatic platemaking shall be calculated, and the overall price shall be made based on the data utilization rate of typesetting on the standard copper clad board.The cost accounting for PCB production is one of the most important and complex jobs in most factories.
  6. From material opening, pressing and forming to FQC, packaging and warehousing, it is required to conduct cost accounting step by step according to the input information, cost, labor cost and production cost of each process, and then calculate the cost price in batches according to the product number of the order.And different types of products, the process of detection costs will be different.