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Cleaning work before welding

Cleaning work before welding

Before the board is welded, the purpose of cleaning is to prevent the components from being oxidized and to remove rust. The following is the necessity to do clean work before welding.


  1. Cleaning of the parts to be welded

Before tin plating, the plating surface should be cleaned first. This helps the reliability of tin plating. The cleaning is mainly to clean the rust, oil traces and attachments attached to the surface of the weldment. It can be cleaned with alcohol. If the rust or dirt is serious, it can be sanded or mechanically removed. It can also be made into a knife by using a saw blade to scrape off the oxide layer on the surface of the metal lead, so that the lead metallic luster is exposed .


  1. Printed circuit board cleaning

Before the circuit board is welded, the board should be treated before welding, sanded to make the solder joints of the board metallic luster are exposed, and then the treated part is coated with a layer of rosin alcohol solution.

In addition to this, the components must be welded, lead wire forming shape , and the components are inserted.