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Circuit board repair method

Circuit board repair method

Use a tool such as an online tester like a mine sweeper to mark each component and compare it to the VI curve.This can find part of the fault but not necessarily all the board to fix, “because the online tester through the chip is not necessarily damaged;The chips that pass the test are not necessarily undamaged.And not every component can be found in the component library, the machine tool circuit board is constantly updated and upgraded, so your testing tools have to be constantly updated.

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Maintenance personnel technical level is also directly affect the success or failure of maintenance, in the absence of any schematic conditions to is strange for a circuit board for repair, in addition to the hardware strength also need to know about circuit principle and the structure is very deep maintenance engineer, when he saw a strange piece of circuit board, should be carefully observed hardware structure determine the role of the board.

In judging the role of a circuit board, it is necessary to construct a sub-circuit board block diagram in mind, from the alarm information analysis is that link failure, it may be that a few components, after the replacement of the test.If you want to ask since the maintenance personnel is so strong not to engage in design is still in the maintenance?In fact, the design and maintenance is to make money, we are not worse than the treatment of the maintenance of the design, and do maintenance is more challenging, you face a different thing every day, I still like to find the problem and repair the feeling.

When repairing, the staff’s way is also very important, repairing the circuit board is a very delicate work, there are many components and circuit board and easy to damage, so the operation must be very careful to need the necessary auxiliary tools such as fixtures.Disassembly, welding and other skilled in the hands before you want to do a good job of the whole process, to avoid unnecessary damage.To the chip that has a program, can backup backup as far as possible, do not allow backup do not move.If a program chip is found to be damaged and no backup or replacement chip is found, the circuit board cannot be repaired.