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Technical Support

FASTPCBA has a team of 14 years of experience, familiar with the impact of components on the quality of the process, and can provide effective solutions for customers.

pcb Technical Support


 Mr.Arvin Gou
 Process Engineer
 Engaged in PCBA Electronic Engineering Technology for 15 years, is good at new product   import process evaluation analysis and steel mesh fixture design requirements, product   design analysis and application, has a wealth of QFN, BGA, POP welding and prevention,   poor process analysis and improvement experience.

Expert at SMT equipments such as HITACHI, YAMADA,PHILIPS. Proficientat、 CAM350   software, MPS etc.



Project Engineer


Mr.zi zhou Huang
Project Engineer
Engaged in the household appliances industry for 8 years, the first hand design and development of household appliances power amplifier, vehicle power amplifier, small power switching power supply.Production process of small batch production, production line fault point analysis.

Proficient at softwares of CAD,Solidworks2013. Familar with EDA tools(Altium Designer17) to design circuit and PCB Layout,converting of pick&place file.




pcb Technical Support


 Mr.xian’an Luo
 Product Engineer
 Engaged in electronic engineering for 15 years, has many years of experience in   maintenance and abnormal handling of digital products such as digital circuit, analog   circuit switch, power supply, audio, LCD screen, LCD TV, etc.

Expert in analysis and solutions to components’ failure of all kinds of transistor,   MOSFET,IC breaking,SMD resistor&resistor, testing and fixture tool, Good at Multi-   Dimension analysis and improvement(Design-Component-Process-Equipment)




pcb Technical Support

 Mr.Tianxue Wei
Electronics Engineer
 Engaged in electronic OEM industry for 13 years, successively worked in the production,   quality and engineering departments of taiwan-funded and hong kong-invested   enterprises.

Rich practical experience in quality control, process control, failure analysis, product   optimization and process optimization in product processing and manufacturing, and high   project management ability for one-stop electronic products.

With rich practical experience to quality control,capability control,failure analysis,   product&process optimization suring assembly.Good at project managenment of OEM   electronic product and PCBA.


pcb Technical Support


 Mr.Yanchang Dai
 Product Engineer
 Engaged in PCBA for 18 years, with SMT technology as the starting point,and constantly   expanding to welding, fitting, testing, aging technology and management, has worked in   Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and other foreign enterprises for 12 years, in the   electronic processing and manufacturing and product solutions have a wealth of   theoretical  and practical experience.

Good at analysis of quality failures, product optimization and improvement




pcb Technical Support

 Mr.Hongjiang Liu
 Product Engineer
 The on-site process extends to product service, 7 years of PCBA service experience, skilled   operation of PADS, DXP, Protel 99 SE, CAM350 and other design software, has learned   the “SMT surface mounting technology foundation”, and participated in the “SMT surface   mounting advanced seminar” with excellent results, graduated from the electronic   equipment welding advanced certificate.

proficient at programming of SMT equipments(Samsung,Fuji), Design of stencil and   fixture,SMT/DIP process evaluation,DFM evaluation and solution.




pcb Technical Support

 Mr.Weigang Fan
 Manufacturing Manager
 Engaged in PCBA industry for eight years, successively in the private sector for   engineering, production, manufacturing management, to product processing and   manufacturing of the prenatal evaluation, production planning, material control plan,   process analysis and optimization, has rich experience in actual combat, successively   learning “SMT surface-mount technology foundation”, “IE actual combat management”   won the intermediate production management division certificate.

Expert at verall assessment from equipment, product and caoability to improve quality   and production efficiency

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